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Taiwan Association of Nurse Practitioners (TANP)

The Taiwan Association of Nurse Practitioners (TANP) aims to promote the nurse practitioner system, restructure the healthcare division of labor, and enhance medical quality. The association provides various educational programs and courses for nurse practitioners, including physical workshops, online learning, internet-based continuing education, and magazine courses, and collaborates with different healthcare professional associations to organize related events, all aimed at advancing the professional knowledge development of nurse practitioners.

Why Turing Certs

Smart healthcare and digital transformation enhance efficiency. Industry recommendations endorse a well-established management mechanism for handling a large volume of certification needs.

IndustryThe Medical Association
Organization SizeAbout 10,000 members.
Scope of Application• Nurse Practitioners Credentials
• Certificates of Attendance
• Certificates of Appreciation
• Certificates of Excellence
Approximately 5,000 certificates are issued annually.
Official Websitehttps://www.tnpa.org.tw/
IntervieweeHeng-Hsin Tung, Chairperson of the Taiwan Association of Nurse Practitioners
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The Taiwan Association of Nurse Practitioners often holds many seminar events.

Challenges and Struggles

  • Traditional Paper Certificate Challenges
    Historically, associations have relied on traditional paper certificates, facing time-consuming and labor-intensive challenges during the production process.
  • Limited manpower, digitalization driving force
    Due to insufficient administrative manpower resources, we hope to find a comprehensive, reliable digital solution to optimize the certificate management process.
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The 6th Annual Members’ Meeting.

Advantages of Turing Certs

  • Smart Healthcare, Enhanced Efficiency
    With the adoption of Turing Certs, the credentials production process has become significantly faster, reducing costs by two-thirds. Previously cumbersome steps have been streamlined, greatly reducing the time and manpower required.
  • Digital operations for convenient management
    You can monitor the status of credentials collection from the backend, facilitating better maintenance of association membership relationships.
  •  Environmental Sustainability
    Due to digitalization, the cost of paper has also been successfully reduced by 100%, achieving sustainable environmental practices in healthcare.

What is your favorite feature or aspect of Turing Certs?

  • Fast Certification Issuance and Digital Advancement
    The Turing Certs System can issue credentials quickly, which is its most appealing feature to organizations.
  • Excellent User Experience
    The design of the Turing Certs is simple and easy to understand, making it very straightforward to navigate and use. This enables both staff members and specialized nurses to quickly adapt without the need for extensive learning processes.

Client Testimonials

❝ TANP × Turing Certs: Actively promoting the professional development of nurse practitioners, jointly advancing the blockchain industry network! ❞

– Heng-Hsin Tung, Chairman of the Taiwan Association of Nurse Practitioners

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Second from the left in the photo: Heng-Hsin Tung, Chairman of the Taiwan Association of Nurse Practitioners