Pioneering Global Digital Trust

Turing proves you are you.

Turing Space Team 圖靈證書 團隊

Turing Space is a tech startup founded by Jeff Hu in 2020, dedicating to addressing the complexity of certifications among industries worldwide. With TrustTech, Turing Space builds a borderless digital trust network with blockchain technology, advancing global digital transformation, aiming to become the cornerstone of international trust transmission.

In WWII, Alan Turing successfully decrypted “Enigma encryption machine,” widely recognized as a crucial factor for the Allied powers to gain victory ahead of schedule in Europe. Turing’s breakthrough subsequently shortened WWII and saved the lives of millions of people.

Looking up to the English mathematician, Alan Turing, we hope to create an invention that elevates the lives of many others.

—— Founder of Turing Space, Jeff Hu


In a world rife with tech abuse and fake news, discerning truth and fostering authentic communication is key to strengthening trust.


Through top blockchain security, Turing Space provides sustainable digital services, addressing cybersecurity, safeguarding trust, and establishing a future society.

Brand Concept

Turing Space Logo Concept

Turing bridges trust across borders.

Meet the Team

Jeff Hu 胡耀傑 圖靈證書執行長 CEO

Jeff, Hu

Founder & CEO

Henry Hang 杭孟澤 圖靈證書 Turing Certs CTO 技術長

Henry, Hang

Co-founder & CTO

Core Members

投資人關係 林奕葳 Yiwei Lin Turing Certs 圖靈證書

Yiwei, Lin

Head of Investor Relations

Yuffie, Hsu

Head of Product

Uni, Fu

Head of Design

圖靈證書 Turing Certs 資深商業發展經理 陳侑瑋 David Chen

David, Chen

Senior Business Development Manager

圖靈證書 Turing Certs 商業發展經理 許凱崴 Tom

Tom, Hsu

Business Development Manager

Turing Space 圖靈證書 Eyleen HR 人力資源 陳祉錂

Eyleen, Chan

Head of People

Turing Japan

Turing Japan 石川真理 イシカワマリ 代表取締役社長 Mari Ishikawa 石川真理

Mari, Ishikawa

President, Turing Japan

Turing Japan 取締役 Sika Teng トウシカ 取締役 鄧詩華

Sika, Teng

Head of Business Development, Turing Japan

External Partners

Jacky Pan

Cybersecurity Expert



Turing Space of Europe


14th GFMD, Geneva, Switzerland


4th Migration Challenge Second Runner-up


2023|City-Tech Tokyo

2023|City-Tech Tokyo
Japan, Tokyo Metro Government

Top 7 & Special Prize of Tokyo Metro Government

2022 | ASCENSION Pitch

2022|ASCENSION Pitch
Japan, Fukuoka City Government


2022 | X-PITCH

Global, X-PITCH

Best Startup in Banking


GUnited States, Department of Commerce

Top 10 in Cybersecurit


Asia Pacific, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance

Championship of Business Services – Marketing & Professional Services

2021|Draper University

2021|Draper University
United States, Draper University

3rd Place

Global Locations


Turing Space Inc.

3500 South DuPont Hwy. Dover, DE 19901, USA.

Europe Office

Turing Space Europe

Gutzkowstraße 7 HH, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Japan Office

Turing Japan 株式会社

東京都渋谷区渋谷 2 丁目10−15

Taiwan Office


臺北市內湖區瑞光路 335 號 7 樓之 10