Turing Certs

The Ultimate Trusting Solution of Digital Certificates

Offering a borderless global management for digital certificates with blockchain technology. Paperless, secure, authentic and trustworthy guaranteed.

Turing Certs 圖靈證書 チューリングサーツ

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Globally adopted by over 300 organizations

Do you have following concerns when dealing with paper certificates?

Following concerns when dealing with paper certificates, Turing Certs
following concerns when dealing with paper certificates, Turing Certs

Features & Benefits

Efficient verification & Authenticity ensured

Permanently preserved by blockchain technology, compliant with W3C DID standards, tamper-resistant with absolute prevention of counterfeiting. One-click traceability check, free of geographical limitations.

Efficiency increased & Cost reduced

A streamlined operational procedure can significantly reduce human errors and time costs, lower shipping and printing expenses, and accelerate the process of digitalization!

Paperless for carbon reduction & Net-zero emission

With a 100% reduction of paper use and a 98% decrease of carbon emission, users of Turing Certs can implement a ESG sustainable future by being reliant-free on woods and warehouse management.

Safeguarding InfoSec with public blockchain

Obtaining international ISO certificate for InfoSec and GDPR privacy compliance. Data decentralized with EU-endorsed public blockchains, IOTA and Shimmer, ensuring top privacy and security.

Marketing leverage & Brand strengthening

Expanding impacts and strengthening brand influence for issuers. Enhancing reputation, boosting credibility, increasing the reach and impact of their certificates.

One-stop management & Flexible system integration

All Turing Certs can be managed and tracked through a single platform, while API modules are provided for a broad range of applications in various industries and scenarios of certificate issuance.

How do Turing Certs help?

How do Turing Certs help?



Creating Certificates

Issuers can create certificates by uploading background images, importing recipient info lists in CSV format, or simply upload a PDF document. Turing Certs offer a variety of certificate templates and fonts in multiple languages to fulfill the diverse needs of applications.


Fast-Storing to Blockchain

Turing Space adds pre-prepared documents to the sustainable EU blockchain IOTA for permanent perseverance and counterfeiting prevention. Issuers can set up automatic certificate delivery to recipients’ emails, realizing digitization immediately.


Certificate Issuance Management

After certificate issuance, issuers can easily manage the issuing and receiving status for all certificates. With the features of revocation and addition of certificates, any adaptation or error correction can all be made easily and immediately.


One-click Verification

Turing Certs STEP 4 One-click Verification

Verifiers can verify the authenticity within seconds with a simple click through the links on LinkedIn or by scanning the QR Codes on the certificates. Certificate receivers, issuers and verifiers can all be rest assured that each Turing Certs are not forged or tampered with.

Streamlining complex operational procedures, authenticity guaranteed.

Our Impact

Over 300 clients globally, including international and authoritative organizations.
The ultimate choice for international digital certification services.








Countries & Regions

*Data as of October, 2023

Industry applications

Educational Institutions

Transcripts, diplomas, certificates of courses, internships, completion, activities, etc.

Government Agencies

Government documentation systems, certificates of awards, official registrations, transcripts, identifications, etc.


Digital health check reports, training certificates for medical staff, electronic prescriptions, etc.

Energy & ESG

Corporate sustainability reports, certificates for green energy, renewable energy, carbon footprint verification, etc.


Product traceability, certificates of origin, organic labels, fair trade certification, etc.

Real Estate

Electronic contracts, transaction records, business cards, property history, etc.

Arts & Entertainment

Ownership certificates, copyright content, proof of creation, auction records, etc.

Fine Jewelry

Warranty, auction records, certificates of second-hand goods and identifications, etc.

Funeral Services

Electronic wills, systems for memoirs, etc.

Non-profit Organizations

Volunteer certificates, proof of scholarships, volunteer management systems, etc.

Accessing one-click paperless certificates in a new era of digital certifications.