Deploy Secure and Efficient
Credential Management
within clicks.

Confidently streamline your credential issuing workflow with technologies that elevate security, authenticity, and compliance with global standards.

Make TRUST Accessible

It has been introduced and used by more than 300 institutions around the world.

Digital credentials made simple

Security, Compliance, Easy Management

Streamlined Verification Process, with Hardened Security

Efficiency & Security can go hand in hand

Confidently streamline your credential issuing workflow with technologies that elevate security, authenticity, and compliance with global standards.

❝ Key feature that stood out for us at PMNCH is the robust data governance employed by Turing Certs. In an era where data security and privacy are paramount, your system’s ability to manage and protect sensitive information is exemplary. ❞

Paperless Solution, with Elevated Authenticity

Build a Trusted Network in the age of AI

Embrace the digital transformation with Turing Certs. Recipients and 3rd party can quickly access & verify credentials issued by you, which is vital in an AI-driven future where data integrity and reliability are paramount.

❝ The operation of Turing certificates is very user-friendly and flexible, without the need for printing schedules on cards, successfully achieving the goal of reducing the printing of paper certificates. ❞

Safeguarding Data Protection to Enterprise Standards

ISO Certified with GDPR Compliance

We’ve got your back. Elevate your data security to enterprise-level standards with our ISO 27001 and 27701 compliance, ensuring your data remains protected while also meeting GDPR requirements.

❝ Turing Certs has revolutionized the way certificates are issued and verified. From tamper-proof certificates to a user-friendly experience and a commitment to sustainability, it’s a seamless journey into the digital age of certification. ❞

Credential Management can be Simple

Create & Design

Add Credential

Instant on-chain for

Turing Certs STEP 4 One-click Verification

Friendly One-click

Streamlining complex operational procedures, authenticity guaranteed.

Our Impact

Over 400 clients globally, including international and authoritative organizations.

The ultimate choice for international digital certification services.








Countries & Regions

*Data as of January, 2024

Industry Applications

Educational Institutions

Transcripts, diplomas, certificates of courses, internships, completion, activities, etc.

Educational Institution Turing Certs 圖靈證書 教育 區塊鏈

Government Agencies

Government documentation systems, certificates of awards, official registrations, transcripts, identifications, etc.

Government Agencies Blockchain application Turing Certs


Digital health check reports, training certificates for medical staff, electronic prescriptions, etc.

Healthcare Blockchain application Turing Certs

Energy & ESG

Corporate sustainability reports, certificates for green energy, renewable energy, carbon footprint verification, etc.

Energy & ESG Blockchain application Turing Certs


Product traceability, certificates of origin, organic labels, fair trade certification, etc.

Agriculture Turing Certs Blockchain application

Real Estate

Electronic contracts, transaction records, business cards, property history, etc.

Real Estate Turing Certs Blockchain application


Product traceability report, product warranty, delivery order, shipping certificate

Insurance & Financial

Insurance securities, contract retention, insurance premium payment proof, deduction certificate, invoice, receipt

Fine Jewelry

Warranty, auction records, certificates of second-hand goods and identifications, etc.

Fine Jewelry Blockchain application Turing Certs

Arts & Entertainment

Ownership certificates, copyright content, proof of creation, auction records, etc.

Non-profit Organizations

Volunteer certificates, proof of scholarships, volunteer management systems, etc.

Non-profit Organizations Blockchain application Turing Certs

Funeral Services

Electronic wills, systems for memoirs, etc.

Accessing one-click paperless certificates in a new era of digital certifications.