Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital|Medical Examination Report and Medical Personnel Certificate

Tungs‘ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital (Tungs’ Hospital)

Established in 1971 by Dr. Ruei-Chin Tung, the founding director, Tungs’ Hospital became a regional teaching hospital in 1991, advancing from a tertiary teaching hospital. It remains a flagship institution in the central region, serving as a beacon of healthcare excellence. Committed to meeting patient needs and providing the highest quality of care, Tungs’ Hospital continuously introduces state-of-the-art medical equipment, integrates intelligent healthcare systems, delivers specialized medical services, enhances care processes, nurtures healthcare professionals, and strengthens patient education and rights. It aims for every patient seeking treatment to receive optimal medical care and to experience the dedication of Tungs’ Hospital.

Why Turing Certs

Smart healthcare, enhancing digital efficiency, simplifying paper-based processes, and complying with relevant regulations and information security requirements.

Organization SizeAbout 2,021 people
Scope of Application• Medical Affairs Department – Health Examination Report
• Community Health Services Department – University Freshmen Health Examination Report, Medical Certificate of Fitness for Offshore Work
• Teaching Department – Medical Personnel Certificate, Medical Ethics Certificate
• Nursing Department – Nursing Credentials
Official Websitehttps://www.sltung.com.tw/
IntervieweeCommunity Health Services Department, Bella

Tungs’ Hospital is the only hospital in Taiwan to have received JCI certification six times, affirming its quality of medical services.

Challenges and Struggles

Tungs’ Hospital has been dedicated to the advancement of smart healthcare and digital transformation. In the pursuit of a paperless hospital environment, faced with the challenge of managing a large volume of document reports, Director Tung became intrigued by the concept of paperless workflow after attending a lecture on Turing Certs at the EMBA conference of Chung Hsing University. Consequently, he decided to introduce this Turing Certs to the hospital.

  • Intelligent Healthcare, Contactless Medical Services
    Through Turing Certs System, patients no longer need to come to the hospital in person to collect reports, reducing both contact and waiting time.
  •  Paperless Digitalization, Enhanced Efficiency
    The process of digitalization can significantly enhance work efficiency, especially during times of epidemic urgency.

Tungs’ Hospital celebrates International Nurses Day.

Advantages of Turing Certs

  • Smart Healthcare, Enhanced Efficiency
    With the adoption of Turing Certs, the credentials production process has become significantly faster, reducing costs by two-thirds. Previously cumbersome steps have been streamlined, greatly reducing the time and manpower required.
  • Digital operations for convenient management
    You can monitor the status of credentials collection from the backend, facilitating better maintenance of association membership relationships.
  • Environmental Sustainability
    Due to digitalization, the cost of paper has also been successfully reduced by 100%, achieving sustainable environmental practices in healthcare.

What is your favorite feature or aspect of Turing Certs?

  • Information Security, Verified Reliability
    The security (information verifiability) and privacy of Turing Certs are excellent, which makes Feng Chia University feel very reassured when issuing new student health examination reports.
  • Live Customer Support, Seamless Integration
    Providing friendly live customer support ensures even digital tool novices can quickly adapt. Timely assistance from customer service simplifies the resolution of initial issues and promotes digital transformation.
  • Fast and Convenient Certificate Production Process
    The credential production function from the backend is simple and fast, combining flexible templates and PDF capabilities, making it easy for all users to get started.

Min-Jhe Tung, The general director at Tungs’ Hospital