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Digitalization and internationalization continue to drive industrial transformation in Taiwan. Not only has the Taipei City Government established the “Digital Business Center@Taipei,” but in 2023, it also hosted the inaugural “Taipei Industrial Digital Application Expo,” This event was a collaboration with the Digital Development Department of the Digital Industry Bureau and the Economic Development Bureau of the New Taipei City Government, aimed at assisting small and medium-sized enterprises in digital transformation and cross-industry resource integration.

In addition to the corporate sector, digitalization and internationalization in the education industry are also key focuses of the Taipei City Government. On December 20, 2023, the government issued the “Taipei Education Policy White Paper” under the theme of “Ensuring a Bright Future for Children,” introducing ten major educational initiatives. Among these, “Innovative Learning” particularly emphasizes the integration of digital technology with education.

Why Turing Certs

In accordance with digitalization policies, credentials have high circulation and can support international standards.

IndustryGovernment Agency
Organization Size31 primary agencies, 12 district affairs office, 112 secondary agencies, 236 schools of various levels, and 14 kindergartens.
Scope of Application• High school graduation certificates
• International student transcripts
• International digital credentials
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The Taipei City Government is accelerating its international integration by participating in global sustainable development actions (2024).

Challenges and Struggles

  • In the administrative processes of the education industry, a large amount of paperwork is used, making management and distribution difficult
    From organizing student lists and verifying each piece of information to printing and sending documents and certificates, significant manpower is required throughout the process. Additionally, with a high proportion of international students, each document and certificate must have versions in both Chinese and English. Moreover, the potential for revisions and version updates further complicates document management, requiring considerable effort and attention.
  • Digital Transformation in the Education Industry to Enhance Administrative Efficiency and International Connectivity
    Facing digitization and globalization, Taiwan’s education industry is transforming to enhance administrative efficiency. Digital tools reduce manpower requirements and improve the accuracy and security of document processing, while also promoting international academic exchange and certification circulation, strengthening Taiwan’s position in the global education arena.
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Successfully assisted Taipei City’s educational institutions in their digital transformation using Turing certs.

Advantages of Turing Certs

  • Strengthening the international effectiveness of digital credentials has successfully aligned with digitization policies, aiding in the digital transformation of the education industry.
    Through the promotion of digitization policies, the education sector has successfully transformed. The internationalization of digital certificates has not only enhanced global recognition of credentials but also facilitated the international circulation of academic and professional qualifications.
  • Save substantial manpower and time spent on paper certificates and documents
    The application of digital credentials significantly reduces the manpower and time consumed by paper documents, enhancing efficiency, strengthening data security and traceability, and driving modernization in education and professional fields.
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