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Office of International Affairs at National Taiwan University (OIA)

Since its establishment in 1928, National Taiwan University has been renowned for its liberal academic atmosphere and the cultivation of qualities encapsulated by the motto “cultivate one’s character and advance in knowledge, love one’s country and love mankind,” shouldering the responsibility of profound academic research and teaching. Through outstanding talent and abundant resources, the university actively deepens international connections and fulfills its local social responsibilities, continuously striving to create a sustainable campus.

The Office of International Affairs at National Taiwan University was officially established on August 1, 2007, tasked with planning, developing, and promoting internationalization strategies. By strengthening international partnerships and continually creating opportunities for cross-border higher education cooperation, it serves as a catalyst for international academic exchanges.

Reasons for Using Turing Certs

Turing Certs meets international standards and offers convenience, providing significant assistance for the international mobility of higher education talents.

Organization SizeAbout 50 people, from Secretariat, Global Engagement Division, and Global Students Division.
Scope of Application• International Student Digital Credentials
• International Student Course Completion Certificates
• Internship Certificates
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IntervieweeJohnny Wu, Head and Director of Global Relations

The Office of International Affairs at National Taiwan University frequently handles numerous international affairs and hosts visits from many partner universities abroad.

Challenges and Struggles

  • International registered mail fees are high, and issuing, obtaining, and verifying certificates is time-consuming
    With the increasing mobility of international higher education talents, the drawbacks of paper certificates that require significant time for issuance, collection, and verification have gradually become obstacles to academic and talent exchanges internationally.
  • Paperless Implementation of Sustainable Higher Education Concept
    The concept of sustainability is highly valued and promoted by National Taiwan University (NTU). Going paperless and digitalization have become actionable strategies to achieve a sustainable campus. With the increasing societal focus on sustainability, many universities are joining efforts to create sustainable campuses and fulfill their social responsibilities.

Turing Certs is also used in the “NTU International Mentorship Program,” which specializes in assisting foreign students in staying and working in Taiwan.

What is your favorite feature or aspect of Turing Certs?

  • Simplified Credentials Production and Distribution Process
    The digitalization of credential production, management, and distribution processes has significantly simplified the handling of multilingual credentials. This has not only improved administrative efficiency and reduced human errors but also provided students and institutions with a faster and more reliable credentials management solution.
  • Paperless digitization meets cross-border credentialing needs with no geographical limitations
    Turing Certs breaks the geographical and physical constraints of traditional paper certificates, allowing international higher education professionals to conveniently apply for, receive, and showcase their academic achievements regardless of their location. This not only benefits students but also fulfills the demands of modern education and career development.
  • Digital credentials are favored by international students, and their satisfaction with the study experience in Taiwan has increased
    Students can access their credentials anytime, anywhere through the internet, without worrying about the risk of losing or damaging their credentials. Moreover, the verifiability of Turing Certs significantly enhances the trust of future employers and educational institutions in academic qualifications.

Client Testimonials

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– Johnny Wu, Head and Director of Global Relations at Office of International Affairs, NTU