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Azure Alliance

Azure Alliance, a registered non-profit organization established in 2019, offers intelligent marine cleaning services. It advocates for the integration of innovative technology and social design to combine government and private sector efforts in promoting environmental sustainability. The organization focuses on establishing marine litter removal solutions specifically targeting harbor areas, utilizing fully electric amphibious machines equipped with remote control and autonomous driving capabilities.

Why Turing Certs

Recommended and endorsed by multiple authoritative institutions, it is trustworthy. This digital transformation is efficient in certification issuance and environmentally friendly, benefiting both volunteers and sponsoring companies simultaneously.

Organization SizeAbout 10 people
Scope of Application• Certificates of participation in corporate ESG activities, training seminars, and workshops.
• Certificates of appreciation for beach cleaning, harbor cleaning, and marine conservation activities.
• Certificates of environmental volunteer service and promotion of sustainability.
• Certificates of student community service hours.

Approximately 600 to 800 certificates are issued each year, primarily to residents in Taiwan.

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IntervieweeCEO Cheer Chen
Azure Alliance-case

Azure Alliance Member Photo (Provided by Azure Alliance)

Challenges and Struggles

  • Limited manpower coupled with complex and voluminous certificate management
    Due to constraints in human resources, the extensive management of paper-based documents not only increases administrative burdens but also contradicts the organization’s goals of achieving an environmentally friendly and sustainable internal administrative management environment.
  • Innovative Volunteer Management
    In traditional volunteer management, there have been challenges in effectively digitizing the management of volunteer data and relationship-building with volunteers. This includes volunteer training, enhancing volunteer engagement, addressing ghost volunteers, and overcoming difficulties in mobilizing manpower.
  • Inability to systematically track corporate sponsors and resource management
    When assisting companies in hosting internal ESG-related training, the alliance identified a lack of effective systems for digitizing the management of sponsors and corporate relationships. This has impacted the efficiency of resource utilization within the organization and made it more challenging to maintain relationships with sponsors.
Azure Alliance-case

Azure Alliance participated in the 2023 APEC Workshop on Regional Marine Debris Management (Provided by Azure Alliance)

Advantages of Turing Certs

  • Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Administrative Management
    The use of Turing Certs for authentication has significantly improved the efficiency of certificate processing and reduced paper usage, thereby achieving a more environmentally friendly approach to administrative management. This practice aligns with the core concept of environmental protection within the organization, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable development.
  • Digitization Revolution in Volunteer Management
    By effectively managing volunteer certificates, Azure Alliance can leverage the data from the Turing Certs Platform to cultivate volunteer relationships and conduct digitalized management. This has enhanced volunteer training efficiency, strengthened organizational cohesion, helped eliminate ghost volunteers, and made human resource mobilization more convenient.
  • Optimizing Corporate Sponsorship and Resource Management
    The data functionalities of the Turing Certs Platform enable Azure Alliance to efficiently track and maintain relationships with sponsoring corporations. This system not only enhances Azure Alliance’s management efficiency but also aids sponsors in improving the efficiency of sustainability reporting, benefiting both parties.

What is your favorite feature or aspect of Turing Certs?

  • Azure Alliance particularly appreciates the corporate philosophy of Turing Certs (Trust Transmission) and its internationally recognized applicability, which aligns very well with the Alliance’s positioning and pursuit of internationalization.

Client Testimonials

❝ In the digital age, integrity is the most precious asset and the core value that our alliance values the most. Through Turing certificates, we pledge to every individual committed to sustainability that your efforts will not be lost; blockchain will record the moment when you stood up for the environment. ❞

– Cheer Chen, CEO at Azure Alliance

Azure Alliance-case

Photos of Azure Alliance and volunteers participating in beach cleaning. (Provided by Azure Alliance)