Ministry of Digital Affairs|Distinguished Enterprise Credentials and Turing Facts

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Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda)

The Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda) shoulders the important task of building national digital resilience and transforming Taiwan into a “smart nation.” It is committed to collaborating with industry, government, and academia to accelerate the digital transformation of public agencies and private enterprises, and to elevate cybersecurity to a national strategic level.

The Digital Industry Agency within the Ministry of Digital Affairs follows the guiding principle of “RISE“.

R stands for Resilience: Digital tools play a crucial role in industry transformation, aiding various sectors in coping with challenges.

I stands for Integration: This involves integrating resources across ministries to assist in industry digital transformation, maximizing the government’s digital industry investments.

S stands for Security: Elevating cybersecurity to the national security level and leveraging cybersecurity as a fuel for industry development.

E stands for Empowerment: Introducing digital innovation applications and empowering industries with digital momentum.

Why Turing Certs

In line with the industrial digitalization policy, robust cybersecurity and digital transformation technologies are provided by Taiwanese companies.

IndustryGovernment Agency
Organization SizeAbout 598 people, from 6 departments and 6 offices
Scope of Application• Issuance of Distinguished Enterprise Credentials
• All-in-one verifying and proofing platform – Turing Facts
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The Ministry of Digital Affairs held a national forum to gather consensus on the future development of smart government (2023).

Challenges and Struggles

  • The AI wave is approaching, driving the need for digital innovation and transformation
    Information security and various digital innovations are compelling industries to face digital transformation. The rapid advancement of technology necessitates responsive measures. How industry, government, and academia can collaborate to assist Taiwanese industries in efficiently undergoing digitalization and reducing the pain points of transformation is a key focus of the Digital Development Department.
  • International Digital Momentum and New Responsibilities of Digital Citizens
    Taiwan is committed to digital transformation, including the adoption of paperless tools, the promotion of smart cities, and advancements in AIoT technologies to enhance the quality of life and drive economic development. This process requires not only technological innovation but also collaboration among government, businesses, and citizens to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of this transformation.

Turing plays a crucial role in fostering technological exchanges between Taiwan and Japan. Industry partners that combine cybersecurity and digitization are indispensable.

Advantages of Turing Certs

  • Turing Certs combines advantages in cybersecurity and digitization. While promoting industrial digitization, it ensures that information is not tampered with, establishing new standards for enterprise trust verification audits.
  • Utilizing public blockchain encryption technology, 1.6 million identity records of Taiwanese corporations, including business information, registration records, labor and environmental penalty records, are uploaded, stored, and verified online. Additionally, plans include adding tax information and various award records for user inspection and verification.
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Launching Ceremony of the “Artificial Intelligence Evaluation Center” by the Ministry of Digital Affairs in 2023.