Turing Space Committed to Building a Multinational Digital Trust Alliance with US, EU, Japan, and Taiwan


Group Photo (From Lift to Right: Artificial Intelligence Foundation Taiwan, American Institute in Taiwan, AmCham Taiwan, Taipei Computer Association, and European Union Centre in Taiwan (EUTW), representatives from Turing Japan, Digital Agency, Government of Japan, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, All Nippon Airways, and DNP Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.)

「Empowering Digital Trust and Skill Mobility across Continents」2024 Turing TRUST Future Summit

Turing Space, the pioneer of TrustTech, dedicated to addressing the intricate verification challenges across global industries and establishing a borderless digital trust network, hosted the “Towards Four Continents: International Talent Migration and Digital Trust Network” 2024 Turing New Trust Future Forum at the Regent Taipei Hotel this afternoon. Attended by representatives from the Artificial Intelligence Foundation (AIF), the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (AmCham), the Taipei Computer Association (TCA), and the European Union Centre in Taiwan (EUTW), the event also welcomed the Deputy Director-General of the Japanese Digital Agency, Chizunari Hayase, along with executives from renowned companies such as Deloitte Tohmatsu, All Nippon Airways (ANA), and Dai Nippon Printing (DNP). Partners from Europe and Asia, including the International Organization of Employers (IOE), the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and Jordan, shared international trend insights through online interviews.

According to data from the Federal Trade Commission and McAfee, losses due to identity theft and fraud amount to as much as 270 million USD annually. In the era of global digital citizenship, with frequent talent mobility and cross-border trade, the maturity of AI deepfake technology raises doubts about the authenticity and credibility of important credentials, posing a threat to the development and trust foundation of the international community.

Jeff Hu, Founder and CEO of Turing Space, shared, “It’s a great pleasure to invite partners from four continents in government, industry, and academia to come together. This year marks the fourth year of Turing Space’s efforts in building a digital trust ecosystem. We now have 30 employees, offices in four countries, over 400 collaborating certifying bodies, and users spanning 160 countries, with at least 10 countries’ public sector organizations adopting Turing Certs. Turing Space will continue its efforts this year to build a new future with zero paper, zero tampering, and zero deception, standing alongside partners from both domestic and international arenas to form an international alliance ushering in a new era of digital trust.”

Meng-Ze Hang, Co-Founder and CTO of Turing Space stated, “In the digital environment, everyone’s identity is composed of a series of digital certificates. To address future trust issues, we continuously optimize our core solution, the Turing Certs, and this year, we will introduce new services such as Turing Facts and the Turing Green renewable energy certificate platform, tailored to various industry application scenarios. After digital certificates are issued, verification, issuance, and receipt parties can actively verify, establishing a consensus-based trust standard among each other.”